Monday, June 13, 2011

Stuff from works.

Heavily inspired by Loish's

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

, so

Yeah, I've decided to just use this for things I've done over the summer now since my robits fetish is slowly dying hahaha. So here goes!

 Basically what happened was there was a 30 day challenge set by the great MsM member Mark Flieg Jr. Unfortunately I kept up with 4 days in a row and slowly died out hahaha. I'd like to keep it going one day, but just gotta sit down and do it. One day.

Day 1 - Hand interacting with an object.
 Day 3 - A plant

I know I cheated, don't judge me.
Day 4 - Person in motion

Essentially a gesture drawing. I just recently saw an amazing Mariners vs. Yankees game (which Mariners won an amazing game), and I was inspired by then.

Til next time folks, keep takin' breaths

, jermz