Thursday, April 28, 2011

, Treepo the tree legged robot

Finally decided to fix up the materials for Treepo and rig him up a bit. I'm having fun with this dude!

I took the arms out for this one simply because I didn't want to deal with the arms just yet. The torso on this guy is a bit wonky,  but this was mainly to see how I can make the legs work. A Triped is definitely something new that I've yet to master to animate.

Input the arms and messed around a little bit more with the lighting/rendering things. I used Mr. sun and Mr. sky for this one. Made everything SUPER washed out, but oh well. Same with the walk cycle, torso's a bit janky but I got the legs working the way I wanted it to!

, jermz

, bits and rows 003

Nothing too big today, it being the last final day I'm actually doing things for school I didn't have much time to do.

So what I've been doing was just digging up all those old scraggily papers that had the bits I've wanted to polish up. So here's the last of my scraps. Excuse me for my terrible quality images, I had to use my camera phone hahaha.

I REALLY really want to engineer the little bot on the top left. He's just so stylized and cute. Then the one on the right would be fun for the dangily legs on the bottom hahaha.

Originally I wanted to model that bottom bot first before the rest, since he's simple, fat and cutesy I wanted to do a small short of him playing with a basketball or something of the sort.

That's today's boring sketches!

, jermz

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

, bits and rows 002

Modeled one of my sketches today! Kinda rigged and engineered. Just gotta clean it up and texture the bad boy!

I need a name for this dude, I asked my friend Becca, and she gave me a chinese Spy name. I like the idea of it being a spy. That's pretty cool.

Chung jiang i hao I think it's spelled. hahaha, we'll see what else we come up with though!

, jermz Out!

, Nerds

Hey Guys,

Clawhead here. I will be posting here for the funnzies of robots. Who doesn't like robots? Probably people who have never seen real robots, what a bunch of fools. Anyway I will be posting sketches later in the week and for the rest of the summer, maybe even some modeling.

, Clawhead

Monday, April 25, 2011

, bits and rows 001

First order of business, here's my Junior Projects short that inspired this doing in the first place!

After doing this short, I've been in the BIGGEST robust robots fetish. Every little chance I get I've been designing random bits and rows, engineering them as I go.

Thus, let's get some sketches in!

This was a logo that Randall McMeekin designed, and I took the liberty of vectorizing this bad boy!
 Some random bits from my sketchbook and random loose papers. I wanted to get more animal-esque things in other than just bunches of bipedal humanoid stuff. The quadriped has been inspired by me animating random wetland animals from my job (GoGoKiddo). After animating so much animals, I wanted to take an approach at designing quadriped bits.
MSpaint adventures! While waiting for my ANI350 animation to render, I had MSpaint open to do some random sketchings. I feel like I need to explore shapes and negative space more, but ah well I'll keep on truckin.

Thus I'm out.
, jermz

, oh hey, I'm here too.

I know some of you might be saying, "hey, that guy's not Jermz. Who is that?"

Name's klamp, and I'll be posting here occasionally, too. Jermz will be posting some awesome stuff, and I can't just let that stay in 2 dimensions. I'll be doing some 3d models of his 2d stuff, and if all goes well they won't turn out terribly.

Summer, here we come!

, klamp

, so here's the plan.

Summer's about to hit and I'm going to try to post pictures daily!

Essentially the idea of this blog was to post the robots I'm going to be drawing daily, and hopefully by the end of the month, I'll have a robot that I'm happy and willing to animate with. Thus my journey to salvation begins.

Let's get this Hero's Journey to create a Hero's Journey started!

, jermz