Monday, April 25, 2011

, bits and rows 001

First order of business, here's my Junior Projects short that inspired this doing in the first place!

After doing this short, I've been in the BIGGEST robust robots fetish. Every little chance I get I've been designing random bits and rows, engineering them as I go.

Thus, let's get some sketches in!

This was a logo that Randall McMeekin designed, and I took the liberty of vectorizing this bad boy!
 Some random bits from my sketchbook and random loose papers. I wanted to get more animal-esque things in other than just bunches of bipedal humanoid stuff. The quadriped has been inspired by me animating random wetland animals from my job (GoGoKiddo). After animating so much animals, I wanted to take an approach at designing quadriped bits.
MSpaint adventures! While waiting for my ANI350 animation to render, I had MSpaint open to do some random sketchings. I feel like I need to explore shapes and negative space more, but ah well I'll keep on truckin.

Thus I'm out.
, jermz

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