Thursday, April 28, 2011

, bits and rows 003

Nothing too big today, it being the last final day I'm actually doing things for school I didn't have much time to do.

So what I've been doing was just digging up all those old scraggily papers that had the bits I've wanted to polish up. So here's the last of my scraps. Excuse me for my terrible quality images, I had to use my camera phone hahaha.

I REALLY really want to engineer the little bot on the top left. He's just so stylized and cute. Then the one on the right would be fun for the dangily legs on the bottom hahaha.

Originally I wanted to model that bottom bot first before the rest, since he's simple, fat and cutesy I wanted to do a small short of him playing with a basketball or something of the sort.

That's today's boring sketches!

, jermz

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